The region offers many interesting hiking-trails to hikers. Day and overnight routes are available on a variety of
terrains varying from educational but easy eco routes to mountain hiking-trails in the Vredefort Dome which forms a
lunated, mountainous landscape. Interesting sights for example undamaged Bushman rock paintings and remains of
kraals of indigenous tribes who lived in the Vredefort Dome region during the iron age can be seen on these routes.
Overnight facilities on hiking-trails throughout the region are standard and enable the hiker to enjoy the spatial
scenery in the beautiful Northern Free State. Combined hiking-trails and canoe-trips are also available.
Rock-climbing and “absailing”for the high risk adventurer are presented on an
organised basis in the Vredefort Dome region and on the banks of the Vaal
River. River-rafting on the Vaal River is very popular nowadays. A day’s
adventure and fun on the river leaves you revived with energy and a lust for life.
Remember the sun-tan lotions and book timeously at Hadeda Greek (River Tour
Safaris), Dimalachite and Sunwa Ventures at Parys.
Hadeda Greek and Sunwa Ventures are professional river rafters. Day visitors are
welcome, but corporate groups enjoy the special conference facilities with the
accompanying team-building and adventure trips.
At Dimalachite on the banks of the Vaal a wonderful service is offered by the
owners, Hannes and Elmarie Pretorius to youth and school groups in particular,
from great adventure experiences with river rafting to hiking-trails, are an
environmental experience! A large variety of aquatic birds which includes the
fish-eagle and the giant common grey heron can be seen here.

Motorboat and ski enthusiasts enjoy themselves week-end after week-end on the
calm waters of large rivers in the region: the Vaal River at Parys, Sasolburg and
Villiers, the Wilge River at Frankfort and the Vals River at Kroonstad.

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Various large dams in the region, such as Loch Vaal near Parys, Eeufees Dam near Heilbron, Vaal Dam at Deneysville and Oranjeville and Koppies Dam, also offer unlimited outdoor trips.
Deneysville, at the Vaal Dam, hosts the biggest annual inland regatta and yacht owners enjoy the stretched-out waters that are so scarce in the rest of South Africa. Water sport enthusiasts and anglers experience the Northern Free State region as a paradise.
A wide variety of fish can be found: yellow-fish, carp, barber, “kallerkop” and Orange River mud-fish.
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