The most important function of the District Council (previously Regional Services Council) is a development function. The District Council assists local bodies with the development and maintenance of infrastructural services by providing resources, allocating and administering funds, knowledge, technology and information. The District Council has applied the RDP since its inception during the late 1980’s. In accordance with the proviso to section 12(6) of the District Councils Act No 109 of 1985, a District Council shall, when determining priorities in connection with the appropriation of funds, give preference to the establishment, improvement and maintenance of infrastructural services and facilities in areas where the greatest needs therefore exist (i.e. the deprived areas).
District councils further support and/or may carry out specific functions at regional level which have been entrusted to him with a view to cost-effectiveness and efficiency.
The District Council addresses the disparities in towns giving priority to those who have the greatest needs. In this way the following are ensured:

• fair and uniform tariffs are levied for regional services
• contributions towards essential infrastructural services in needy communities are subsidised from District Council funds
• exploitation of one community by another is prevented.

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The functions of land usage and transport planning and tourism have also been entrusted to the Northern Free State District Council.
In terms of recent legislation LA’s are compelled to compile Integrated Development Plans which will reflect the needs as identified by local communities. This process will be co-ordinated by the District council to reflect regional priorities.
From the functions as set out above it is very clear that the main objectives of District Councils are to uplift the deprived communities by ensuring that proper infrastructural services are provided for their benefit.
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